Instructions for Entering Spouse/Partner/Dependent Child(ren) Interests

University policy and federal regulations require disclosure of all personal financial interests and those of family (defined as spouse/partner and/or dependent children) that appear to be related to the discloser’s institutional responsibilities.

For the purposes of determining conflicts of interest, spousal financial interests are considered one’s own interest. This is the case whether your spouse works for the University or any other employer.

To disclose family interests:

  • Add an entity only once, it’s not necessary to add the same company twice if both you and your family have financial interests.
  • List compensation activities of the family member separately from your own activities. The system allows you to enter multiple rows of identical activity types (i.e. Speaking Fees).
  • For clinicians; it is not necessary to upload the personal speaking/consulting contracts for your spouse/partner, only your own.
  • If you are not certain as to the value of your family member’s financial interest, please select the closest approximation and add a comment.
  • If you are not certain if a family member’s personal financial interest would appear related to your institutional responsibilities, contact the COI office or go ahead and disclose.
  • For additional guidance or questions, AskCOI at or 314.747.4181.