Two new widgets were launched in the RMS COI Module in September of 2022. Faculty have long requested a simple way to access current and historical disclosure data in a convenient and useful format. These COI widgets:

  • Allow faculty to quickly see what was disclosed on their most recent External Professional Activities Disclosure or Research Disclosure.
  • Enable the download of data in an Excel spreadsheet for easier formatting and filtering, to be used in record keeping, secondary disclosures, or other reporting needs.
  • Will download 5 years of disclosure information in the External Activities report.
  • Are available to all disclosers automatically (no setup or configurations required). These widgets are located on the COI Menu in RMS.


My Research Disclosure Instructions

  • Lists most recent Research Disclosure date.
  • Provides basic project data according to COI records.
  • Option to expand or reduce number of entities displayed.
  • Export data to excel for easier filtering/sorting.

My Disclosed External Activities Instructions

  • Lists most recent disclosure date.
  • Lists entities from current disclosure including time commitment.
  • Displays activities with associated values for each entity.
  • Export data to excel for easier filtering/sorting.

Learn@Work ‘WU Administrator Learning Dashboard’ Instructions for EPA and FCOI Education Reporting

  • Generate reports to determine the status of a learner’s compliance activities.
  • Reports can be created for individuals, departments, and teams.
  • Reports can be customized to meet your data needs, and can be run on-demand or scheduled and emailed to your inbox.